Modification of Beliefs and Religion

posted May 8, 2011, 12:05 PM by Garrett Fogerlie   [ updated May 13, 2011, 8:43 AM ]
By Garrett Fogerlie

More proof that religious views vary drastically from person to person; the data comes from a couple different surveys. It seems to me like this is a modification of the God of the Gaps idea. It is intelligent people thinking that it doesn’t make sense for good people to go to hell just because they didn’t accept Jesus Christ; so they adjust their faith and modify it a bit more to make themselves feel better. Why not just get rid of the whole damn faith in the first place? It will save you a lifetime of having to ‘fix it’ so that it can still fit with reality.

Anyway, here is what the survey found:

“Twenty-five percent of born-again Christians said all people are eventually saved or accepted by God. A similar proportion, 26 percent, said a person’s religion does not matter because all faiths teach the same lessons. And an even higher proportion, 40 percent, of born-again Christians said they believe Christians and Muslims worship the same God.
Barna defined universalism as the belief that all human beings will eventually be saved after death.